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Ellen Windsor worked for a leading global European company in business and employment consultancy, involving human resource and international contracts.


Mr X in the latest landmark paternity deceit case 2015 which attracted global publicity via the internet said: many thanks once again for all your excellent input in X v. Y - truly a great one to go out on...


Mr A in the landmark paternity deceit case of A v. B, 2007, AER (D) 49 (Apr): Ellen Windsor handled a very delicate matter with aplomb, efficiency and flexibility, achieving an excellent result in the face of a succession of obstacles.


Ellen Windsor also worked in the landmark paternity deceit case of P v B, 2001, 1 FLR, 1041, (the first claim ever allowed in English legal history for deceit over a child's paternity) alongside the leading Tort Barrister, (late) Harvey McGregor QC who is known for his expertise in the law of damages. Mr McGregor was Head of Hailsham Chambers, London for over 20 years and also taught law at Harvard University. He enjoyed a long, happy and extremely successful career.


Ellen Windsor also assisted Liam Magill and Cheryl King in seeking justice for his landmark paternity deceit case in the highest court of Australia of 2006. Mr Magill's pursuit for justice continues. See his website:


There is a current claim through Ellen Windsor for the victim seeking damages for paternity deceit and this is pending in Court claiming for emotional harm and loss of earnings due to the victim being forced into bankruptcy from the deceit which also resulted in his loss of contact with the child that he had treated as his own for some years.


Ellen Windsor also assisted clients in out of court settlements with a recent successful landmark claim for damages arising out of the loss of marriage from paternity deceit and the claim settled after the woman's voluntary payment for damages to the victim;

Ellen Windsor settled a matrimonial dispute for the victim who was deceived not once but twice by his then wife into raising two children who were both fathered by her lover. He was released from any parental responsbility and maintenance payments by a mutual settlement upon her admissions and their divorce.


Also another new claim is pending for loss arising out of a marriage resulting from paternity deceit. 


Ellen Windsor's success continues to contribute to the fundamental development of the law of deceit in the English as well as Commonwealth jurisdictions.

The English Law Reports show that no other lawyers in the English jurisdiction have ever achieved the same level of success in paternity deceit claims.


Mr T in the Hague Convention child return case in 2011: Ellen Windsor is comprehensive, diligent and extremely skilled in the areas of family and Hague Convention laws. He is grateful for her invaluable input into his life changing experience with the international court proceedings.


Former Law Society President and Senior Partner of national law firm, Irwin Mitchell, Michael Napier, CBE, QC, former Pro Bono Envoy of the Attorney General, President of the Personal Injury Lawyers Association said: Ellen Windsor is extremely intelligent and hard working. Mr Napier worked with Ellen Windsor in a successful Privy Council Appeal involving the English, U.S. and Hong Kong jurisdictions against a giant multi-national U.S. corporation in a David-Goliath battle, with Lord Thomas of Gresford QC (a colleague of Lord Ashdown), in which the Privy Council overturned a HK Judgement and remitted the case for a re-trial in 1997.


A leading Barrister from a major set of Chambers, who also adjudicates for the General Medical Council, worked for some years with Ellen Windsor said: Ellen Windsor is an enthusiastic Solicitor and she never gives up.


Ellen Windsor has a successful record for PPI claims and has won substantial awards for complaints upheld against financial institutions.


Ellen Windsor has also worked and succeeded for clients in professional negligence claims, other civil claims such as property, contractual, banking and financial disputes.


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