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  • Product advantages: - possible floating installation without gradient - resistant to oil & grease stains - Each board is unique what is WPC/BPC? Often referred to as WPC (wooden plastic composite) is a wooden production of synthetic
›See more product details Product advantages: – Floating installation possible without gradient – resistant to oil & grease stains – each Hall unique What is WPC/BPC? Referred to as WPC (wooden plastic composite) is a wood plastic composite. On the world will be plastic mixed in a natural wood components. Thanks to the addition of additives combine both to form stable floorboards, therefore also known as solid Vdielen. At the same time will not for the environment damaged components. Used for BPC (Bamboo Plastic Composite) is bamboo. Because of the raw material is extremely regenerative – therefore quick itself – he is as a exceptionally environmentally friendly. FLOORBOARDS, made of WPC/BPC are set, in our collection together as follows: 60% Bamboo 30% Polyethylene 10% Additives benefits of WPC/BPC and solid wood Idielen because WPC/BPC Solid Vdielen are tough enough to pests and weather conditions, they're particularly running in exterior areas. They are also due to limitations in photography and the inevitable differences in properties very easy to care for. If you be cleaned on a regular basis, thinks he is the terrace up to 20 years as good as new, because WPC/BPC via sunlight there aren't many Vergraut. The also offer the attractive board a very comfortable barefoot feeling, because it is not chipping and few crack. Solid Vdielen compared to hollow comb Rdielen WPC/BPC Solid Vdielen verzeihen especially better than hollow comb Rdielen because of it moisture can't build-up and against damage Wasserspezifische can be avoided. Thanks to the it is silvery-white hard transition metal plus of easycare benefits the boards can therefore also be safely runs where moisture droht – Near the edge of your lawn, for example, the watered on a regular basis. What is BPC and WPC BPC planks are in comparison to WPC Planks a little hardener. The transports you to the expansion of less Schwerwiegend. In addition, allows you to switch the BPC Solid Vdielen, WPC Planks but only on one side to fit on both sides. As it is, you usually are BPC board BPC as the raw material Höherpreisig is more expensive than the pendant of WPC. What differences there are when setting, can be put in the respective find instructions (cannot guarantee instructions are in English): [and audible Schwindve action at WPC/BPC than natural vorkommender raw materials have an Wood Witterungsabhängiges [and audible Schwindve. This means, depending on weather conditions, the board to expand or go together. In WPC/BPC is the although less pronounced than with untreated wood, but works also the wood amount in composite boards. When planning the terrace, it should therefore always to find. Installation WPC/BPC-Solid Vdielen can easily with matching clips are laid on a base. Like your patio the easiest way to create can be installed, you can remove our installation instructions will be in English):

Woodstore Trading Company WPCKR2513728Thermo Solid Vdielen WPC with Side Slot 25x 54mm Walnut 5Meters 16 5Feet Dark Brown B01M187FKO

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