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  • SOFT STOP The opener stops in both directions decreasing the speed and avoiding unwished banging closing. This prevent from usury and ensure long life to your opener and door. This function prevents the door banging closing
  • DUCO SAFE technology Safety is ensured by an sensitive amperometrical obstacle detection system and pressure control. Photocells ( safety beans) are no longer mandatory. Photocells are an optional accessory that can be added to prevent scratches to the painting of vehicles crossing while gate is closing.In compliance with EN norms EN13241-1: 2003 + A1 ( April 2011 ) EN12453 : 2002 EN12445 : 200
  • ASR (Autimatic Reversal System) Thanks to the integrated amperometrical detection system and direction sensor, the opener is provided with an automatic reversal system in case the gate reaches an obstacle, the opener stops immediately and reverses automatically. Highest safety is ensured.
  • Ideal for a safe, quick and easy installation: the system works in DC current and is electrocution risk-free. Features double speed with SOFT STOP. This feature is very important to guarantee an optimal motion control and a gentle stop. Ideal for very heavy or highly sliding gates, controls the force of inertia of the gate, preventing kickback. Can work independently in case of power failure: by adding the external battery charger module CMBAT* and a 12V battery*. (* = are not included )
  • 2 working modes: "STEP by STEP" ( push to open & push to close) or Automatic close with adjustable time (you can vary the pause time from 1 to 100 seconds).Pedestrian opening (partial opening of one the gate to allow pedestrian crossing only) this feature can be controlled by remote control or wired command.The gate is automatically locked in closed position (irreversible system).Manual release system by key.
›See more product details SLIDE 843 powerful sliding gate opener featuring SOFT STOP Ideal for heavy duty residential gates up to 800kg 4m rack are included, additional rack can be added as optional accessory in case of gate longer of 4m. Ensures long lasting performances in all weather condition. Featuring DUCO SAFE: Original Made in Italy.

SLIDE843 kit Automation Ducati Home Sliding gate Opener up to 800 kg B07F8S57RC

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