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  • ★ 210D polyester oxford cloth, effective tear resistance,wear-resistant, good camouflage effect, long service life.
  • ★ camouflage net, suitable for multi-terrain use,and is not easily exposed.
  • ★ Can work at minus 40 ° C to 50 ° C, durable, long service life.
  • ★ Product use: Widely used in outdoor development set / camouflage protection / vehicle camouflage / sun protection sunscreen / camouflage anti-aircraft.
Three-needle shading net. A three-needle sunshade net is a net composed of three wefts within one inch of distance. It is mainly used in agriculture. The role is to provide coverage for agricultural planting and breeding projects. Six-needle shade net. A six-needle shade net is a net of six wefts in an inch. This net is generally only used for the basic fittings and sunshade of fence facilities.    Eight-needle shading net. The eight-pin shade net is a net made up of eight wefts in an inch. This net is limited to use as engineering protection to avoid damage caused by construction workers due to falling objects.Product Name: Big flower camouflage camouflage netCloth material: 210D polyester oxford clothMesh specification: semicircular cut flowerProduct color: big flower camouflageWorking environment: -40 ° C -50 ° CService life: two years of continuous use in the wildUnit weight: about 120g/㎡Welcome to the store to buy, look forward to the next visit.Our delivery time is 10-15 daysTIPS:1.Due to manual measurement, the product may have an error of 1-3cm, which is a normal phenomenon.2.Due to factors such as shooting, there may be some color difference in the product, please refer to the actual product.3.Just get the product, there may be odor, dry in the air for a day or two.4.Includes 1 shade cloth, images are for reference only.

Shading net Camouflage Net Single Layer 210D Polyester Oxford Cloth Outdoor Shading Net Covering Net Decoration Net 120g ㎡ Multi function net Size 1 5 3m B07FZ1R98G

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