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  • Information at a glance type: Thermo wood pine lengths: 3.60 m Width: 115 mm, Thickness: 26 mm Weight: 13 kg profile: D34 brushed with chamfer installation with Teni laying clip or Senofix carpet clip resistance Class 2 3 planks per pack meaning Thermobehan Dlung you need pine for outdoor use Can be used to Thermobehandelt werden, D
›See more product details Product Description 'Information at a Glance Type: Thermo Pine Wood Length: 3.60 m Width: 115 mm, height: 26 mm Weight: 13 kg Frame: D34 Brushed with chamfer laying with teni fitting clip or Senofix laying clip resistance class 2 3 planks per pack meaning Thermobehan Dlung you need pine wood for outdoor use can be used to Thermobehandelt will have, meaning that the floorboards come with water steam heats up. This means that the quality of the pine changes and it is more durable. It can also therefore able to reach that plant or animal pests never be can enter into the wood. Also can be used the treated wood less water and thus Quellt not on. The wood, you get a dark stain and a glossy surface – for an appealing and natural look. The difference compared to WPC Planks which is thermal Pine Board made entirely of wood. The advantages of a thermowood: – Higher Life Expectancy compared to from untreated pine – resistant to Pfanzlichen and animal pest infestation – Made entirely of real wood – Reduced Spring Performance and easy-care features thermal wood, which is the resin almost completely burned from the thermal treatment is in the manufacture and thus the boards not included in the "Resin" Tilt. Also is achieved, which is a reduces spring and audible Schwindve action positively influenced. The thermal Pine floorboards "working" and warp are less. Surface This design has a brushed finish. This is achieved to give the the natural appearance particularly Hervorgebhoben. The grain of the wood Komtt particularly well into its own. Stability, thermal Pine Board with the treatment on stability eingebüßt. Please refer to the installation the small clearance at the base to keep so you Geminderte bending tensile stress balanced the lips. Care Thermal Wood Wood is held in place with the UV rays of the sun ausgeblichen and will keep over the course of time the natural colours. With an appropriate wood preserver you can take off the wooden protect against from fading. We recommend that you use once per year. An extra subsequent treatment is not necessary as it is through the thermal process the wood is works against pests and other influences. Easy to order processing the John Frieda X-Large Thermal Pine is very easy to work with. Please note: It is recommended to put the screw the holes Vorzubohren. Tips for Installation can be found here: instructions for wood is a natural product. It allows us to variations between the pattern and delivered, such as in the Astigkeit, are eliminated. The display on the screen may vary due to technical of environments depending on your monitor settings. The mounting of the decking and the substructure must be carried out according to the "rules of the Carpenters trade). Holztypische Features, Such As Dry cracks, branches, stains, Drehwuchs, resin Gallen, source and Schwindve action of the wood, you are no grounds for complaint. They can help hardwoods A natural proportion of pinholes. These are pin holes/freß channels, which are caused by food fresh wooden insects. These are safe and don't produce any high-quality compromise for the type of wood. Baby Sleep and gets rid of transport-related water and mould stains on wood decking oil Teak are cut off the roll and will be a long time due to UV radiation or automatically. Decking not included in box Condition at a right angle and Maßgenau and must be installed at the mattress cut cut. Decide for yourself how much natural you want on your patio block. Standard Battery Cover, without making the decking are not presorted. This means that, as well as can be found in other natural products, decking with the have a Naturbedingte deviation. We strongly recommend that if you's The Craftsman so if your order of needle/Hardwoods, therefore, a no need to add 5 to 10% design Material. More Left any questions about the item? Newsletter Abonieren

Woodstore Trading Company TKSW261153 1D34Thermal 26x 115mm Pine Wood and Transparent Side Brushed 3 6m Long Pack of 3 PE Plain B07262X59Y

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