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  • Colour: Ebony (anthracite) what is WPC/BPC? WPC it the short for wooden plastic composite
›See more product details Product Description Colour: Ebony (Anthracite) What is the name of WPC/BPC? WPC is the short for wooden plastic composite. The modern, plastic, wood composite will be manufactured by components of wood through thermoplastic plastic and other additives vermengt. Thanks to the additives combine the wood components with the plastic to form very robust and stable board. The residual during process ingredients are not harmful to the environment. The wooden parts in BPC planks are from Bamboo Wood. Is why they are bamboo plastic composite. Bamboo is considered to be very environmentally friendly, as the raw material for the next time itself. Our WPC/BPC board will get you are as follows: 60% Bamboo/30% Polyethylene, 10% Additives What is WPC and BPC? Bamboo boards are usually harder than WPC Planks, so that your weather-related stretching of less pronounced are. While WPC Planks only can be installed on one side, our BPC – Board lay on both sides. Because of the raw material for the bamboo board is a little more expensive, you are usually a few pounds Höherpreisiger. Differences are also available when laying. Please refer to the board each installation, you can remove the installation instructions will be in English): advantages WPC/BPC WPC/BPC/board is particularly suitable for outdoor use. As a decking delivers your, very high density, provides excellent protection from pests, and the influence of weather every time. In addition, the plastic, wood, composite not tends to chipping or cracking, meaning the WPC/BPC board in every type of long-term very comfortable barefoot feeling. If you're having a expected service life of up to 20 years you are very easy to maintain. Must be the floorboards, like many real wood, oiled on an annual basis or an intricate after-care is required. Usually simply that will sweep decking on a regular basis or when you need to. As well as their lot of benefits, WPC/BPC board can also be a very pleasant appearance and an elegant terrace effect. Source and audible Schwindve action WPC/BPC floorboards, compared with the most real wood, have a little Witterungsbedingtes [and audible Schwindve. However, care must be taken to also the wood in Kompsit metres depending on the weather works – but not quite as distinctive as with Natural Wood. Our tip: make sure if you have one of the terraces planning, which was used wood for composite board. Installation using our right under construction and the appropriate clip connections, you can WPC/BPC board very easy to install. As you can lay your decking, you'll find explains: instructions on the product the picture on your screen may vary due to technical environment depending on your monitor settings.Assembling the decking and the substructure must be hauled out of their installation Nweisung of the product. This comes with the product or you will find this on the internet under When they come new Terrace is available initially sometimes Farbränder or water stains better too. These usually disappear with Bewitterung able to can also be removed with water and patio cleaner. Clay, Green Growth or dirt can be removed with water and a patio cleaner. When confronted by solid Anhaftungen with a plastic brush. Damage such as scratches or burn marks work in exactly the same way as soon as possible with steel wool, wire brush, sand paper or a scouring pad surface. This type of compromise here is no grounds for complaint. More Left any questions about the item? Newsletter Abonieren

Woodstore Trading Company BHMBA2525020 4m BPC Hollow Cell Woodomallorca 25x 250mm 4m Long Grey B071W5L45P

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